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Time to Bring Back Your Smile?
Over time teeth can wear and need replacement. Our once vibrant smile may need a little help in later years.  At Denture Makers, we know you always want to look and feel your best.  We go to great lengths to insure you are well taken care of, so you can have that wonderful smile again.
Will You Be Needing Teeth Removed?
If you are a patient in need of single to full mouth extractions, the Doctors at Denture Makers will try to make you oral surgery experience as comfortable and painless as possible. Our Doctors will consult with you prior to your surgery to determine any concerns or fears you may have. Based on your initial consultation the Doctor will prescribe a treatment plan that best fits your needs. This treatment plan will provide you with the total cost of the procedure and will show you different options concerning the dentures or partials.

For patients that may be having teeth extracted, you will have the option of purchasing an immediate denture or partial which would be placed at the time of the extractions. The placement of dentures or partials immediately after extractions has several advantages. First, it acts as a customized bandage for the extraction sites which helps in protecting the areas from infection and helps to control bleeding. Next, the denture or partial will restore and many times improve your appearance and smile while most importantly, allowing you to chew your food. Due to the changes in your gums from recent extractions, it is important that you remember that an immediate denture serves as a temporary dental appliance following oral surgery. Over the next 3 to 6 months your gums will continue to change and your immediate denture may become loose and therefore may no longer fit well. At this time you would need to reline your existing denture or have a new one made. We feel it is important to upgrade to a better, more permanent denture or partial at this time, that will last many years. 

Understanding the financial aspects of needing additional dentures in such a short period, Denture Makers has made available the Denture Wearer Complete Package. This package saves you more than $300 compared to purchasing future treatment and services separately.
Medicaid Accepted    Other payment methods include: Cash, Checks, MasterCard, Visa, & Discover    Financing Available through Care Credit